Django Unit Testing Part 1

You hear everyone talking about test driven development and how it makes your life way easier. Everything they say it's true. I wasn't a believer myself, I always thought that writting "more code" made me less productive. I was wrong!

In the article, I will show you WHY you should test all of your code.

Django: Rendering PDF

In more than one project, we have been required to render pdf files. Python has really good support for pdf rendering; one of the main libraries used for this purpose is reportlab.

Taking advange of class based views, one can write a class that renders pdf and any other class can subclass it.


Once you start doing any serious python development, you start running into name conflicts. Having two modules named the same creates all sort of import problems. In order to avoid them, python has what is called a virtualenv. Packages installed within a virtualenv are only accessible to the virtualenv.

Installing Django for the begginer

Django attracts many non-programmers or programmers that do not have any experience with python. They all run into the same issues while installing and configuring Django. this article is an intent to put an end to all the issues while installing Django. This article is an attempt to put an end to all the issues with installing Django, and is for people running Ubuntu...

Django and SQLite3

In any non trivial Django application you have to have a database, the question is: Do you have the knowledge, the resources, or the need to run a database server? In most of the cases, SQlite3 will suffice. Any of the new version of python already come with the bindings needed for sqlite3, so you do not need to install anything. One way to verify that you already have the python-sqlite3 bindings is by importing sqlite3 from your interpreter. If you do not get any errors importing it, it means that you having the python bidings.

Bottlepy, Paste, and Jinja2

About a year ago, I had a client contacted me about a project that required a specific set of requirements which Django could not easily meet. I could have turned the project down, however, I liked the project too much that I could not say no. I diligently searched for alternatives to Django; alternative that were much more flexible. Many micro-frameworks started to pop into the picture. Flask was on top of my list until I learned about Bottlepy. I found myself attracted to the way Bottlepy does things: everything just made sense. I suggested it to the client and he agreed to proceed...

PostgreSQL & Python

PostgreSQL is an open source relational database server. As any other server, it takes some confuguring to get it setup. All the instructions given here should be only consider when you developing on your local machine, you may want to improve your security on your development server.

PIP: What is it?

Pip is a nice utility that allows you to easily install Python Packages into your working python path. I said working python path because pip is mainly used within a virtualenv.